Little Miss Sunshine

Hey, my name is Olga and i am in recovery currently. I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder and as a result a lot stemmed from that. I was depressed for 3 years, and i engaged in a lot of dangerous activities such as drinking alcohol, drugs, self harm, smoking and suicide attempts. My beautiful boyfriend helped me through that and he was the person that helped me when i needed it the most <3

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“Bieber went to say ‘Hi’ to Leonardo DiCaprio,” an eyewitness tells Us. “Leo was sitting next to Orlando. Bieber reached out his hand to shake Orlando’s hand and Orlando just looked at him and avoided him.”

Bullshit, JB was like…

Apparently seth rogen said that he talked to him for 5 minutes and said he had no humility, no class, and he thought he was a piece of shit

The world

Smile, beautiful <3

I feel terrible about all the people i probably triggered by posting pictures of my cuts. I wish i can help :( i wish i can be there for someone who has no one

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